Healthy News

Health is usually top of most people’s concerns. After all… our health is our most prized possession — isn’t it? The thing people often forget to appreciate is that our health only deteriorates over time. It’s true… think about it — we get older every day. Our bodies get older every day. It’s a morbid thought… but we edge ever closer to our demise every day.

So where am I going with this? Well… I’m in the glass-is-half-full camp: Therefore, in the knowledge of the aforementioned inevitable… it stands to reason that we need to take care of ourselves. If not to make the most of the short time we have here in this wonderful life. This is especially important if you realise that our prime window of health ends in our mid-twenties. What’s more… while we are healthy… we aren’t capable of enjoying life to it’s fullest until adulthood… which is arguably 16 years of age… maybe even 21 depending on where you’re from. So that gives us 4 to 9 years of prime health to enjoy.

Yikes! By the time people start full-time work, exercise declines significantly. People get lazy and start to overeating and indeed, eat the wrong things — not good. Pill culture is also growing where people will turn to their GPs for medication rather than change their lifestyle habits. I maintain that in the vast majority of cases, our bodies are pretty good at taking care of themselves. That means, if you feed it good food, let it rest regularly, exercise it and generally take care of it… it tends to have the ability to health itself very well.

Heart disease is a leading cause of premature deaths in the world. This is especially true in Western country, where high-fat diets are common place. Worryingly, incidents are on the increase with no danger of declining. So what can be done about it. Politicians historically look to medical experts in such times. However, traditional approaches to combatting the disease seem to be increasingly ineffective. Drug companies produce increasingly new medication, but is this the correct approach?

Millenials are seemingly bucking the trend. Strangely enough, the most effective weapon against heart disease is education. Children from a young age are being educated about the benefits of health. As a result, they are taking healthy best practices forward with them into adulthood. This is a step in the right direction… but the benefits for the health system will take a few years to be realised as yet.

Without a doubt the benefits of taking care of one’s self shouldn’t be ignored, we only get one body — right. You can step out your house right now and join a gym. You could buy a running machine (recommend an cosco treadmill, afton treadmill,).  You can change your eating habits. all you need to do is decide and take action. You can change your eating habits. all you need to do is decide and take action.